Hardware Inventory


AustriAlpin 12mm glue-in

These bolts are made from beefy 8mm grade 304 stock and milled down to 6mm on the legs and placed in a 9/16″ hole. AustriAlpin docs call for a 14mm hole and 9/16″ is approx. 14.25mm. Glue-in bolts are the only bolt type where you can substitute an approximate metric or imperial hole for the given bolt.

Austrialpin 12mm Bühler bolt; this is the bolt primarly used in Bolton replacement efforts.
AustriAlpin 12mm Bühler bolt


Bolt Products twisted-leg glue-in

Simple, strong, smart. Designed to be installed incorrectly and still meet EN standards the 12mm twisted-leg bolts test out to 40kN and the larger 16mm at just shy of 80kN. We have two different batches of these bolts. A first batch of 50 12mm bolts were donated by the American Safe Climbing Association and are 304 stainless steel. A second batch of 125 12mm bolts was purchased with AAC/AF/local donation funds and are made of 316L stainless steel for enhanced corrosion resistance. These bolts have been specially re-designed by the manufacturer to offer a wider interference fit to accommodate the .7mm larger 1/2″ hole vs the 12mm hole the bolt was originally designed for.

Bolt Products twisted leg bolt
Bolt Products twisted leg bolt

Fixe Hardware 12mm Triplex

This bolt is used in temporary installations as it is easily removable and reusable.

Fixe 12mm x 75mm Triplex bolt
Fixe 12mm x 75mm Triplex bolt


Powers AC100 Gold, ITW Redhead A7, and Hilti RE-500 glues have all been used to date. Consult the hardware replacement log(s) to see which glue has been used on a particular route.