In this moment of broader social and cultural introspection regarding sexual harassment and sexual assault, we feel it’s important to acknowledge that our smaller community of climbers may not be immune from these issues. The disturbingly high results of experienced sexual assault/harassment from a recent survey within the outdoor community is an imperative for us all to stop and re-examine our community.

Vermont Anchor Replacement is primarily focused on ensuring the safety of fixed protection and attempting to provide a safe environment for climbers to recreate in. It’s therefore a logical extension of our mission to support any work that seeks to make climbers safer.

On today Monday August 27th we stand with our peer organizations in the outdoor community to express our support for the #SafeOutside initiative. The #SafeOutside initiative seeks to combat SHSA (sexual harassment/sexual assault) specifically within the outdoor community. Please take the time to review the #SafeOutside initiative and the survey results that spurred this project at http://www.americanalpineclub.org/safeoutside