Access Fund Anchor Replacement Grant

Last year we were fortunate to win one of the Access Fund anchor replacement fund grants for $500. CRAG-VT helped matched that with a donation from an Emeritus Board Member and other contributions helped get us to a $1500 hardware buy.

This got us the following…

Quantity Description
125 6mm x 80mm twisted leg glue-in bolt
25 6mm x 100mm twisted leg glue-in bolt
24 6mm x 100mm twisted leg glue-in bolt w/4 chain links
15 8mm x 100mm twisted leg glue-in bolt
36 8mm x 58mm quicklink
12 8mm x 88mm quicklink
36 6.4mm barrel shackles
12 10mm carabiners
18 ft. 8mm chain

Be on the lookout for work happening this year at Prospect Rock, Smuggs, and on-going work in the Bolton Valley area.


2 thoughts on “Access Fund Anchor Replacement Grant

    1. Hey John,
      Sorry I take the winters off from looking at bolt replacement stuff and missed that this comment was in moderation. Do you mean countersinking the eye of the bolt? If so, no, that’s not required for these Bühler style bolts to attain the torque requirement in UIAA123/EN 959.

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