Anchor roundup

Today a couple of anchors got refreshed.

The lower-off on Beyond at 82 Steep Wall got swapped out with an equalized pig-tail lower off. This rounds out the majority of the Steep Wall lower-offs that were planned to be upgraded.

As well, the rap anchor on Bilateral Symmetry which was all plated steel hardware was upgraded with all 316L stainless with glue-ins and a pig-tail. This was a great test of the new “Doodad” puller I machined to replace the original C-clamp I blew through last season. The sealed bearing seemed to work well, though more testing will reveal how well it fairs.

EDIT (10.9.16): I swapped out the pigtail on Beyond with two captive stainless biners. The stance is there but with a pump the carabiners will be appreciated.

One thought on “Anchor roundup

  1. Thanks Greg!
    Replacing the Bilateral anchors was something I always meant to do, but never got around to before moving away. Thanks so much for replacing them, impressed with the degree of corrosion in only a few years. Amazed that thing even gets climbed.

    -Pat D

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